We are a friendly, family centred church, and although the congregation is aging we have active youth groups attached to the church (Boys Brigade, Guides). We are also involved with local community groups including local authority and police in promoting a youth forum and community youth group both of which meet in out church. As well as an active sunday school which caters for all ages, we have many other groups. See our events page for fuller details.

Thank you for visiting our website and if you would like to joins us you will find us on the junction of Faringdon Rd and Mount Gould Rd in Mount Gould, Plymouth

 We look forward to welcoming you and if you have any questions please get in touch.

We have been on this site for over 100 years. We first formed in a smaller building on this site when it was still surounded by fields. Now we sit amidst a large estate. The estate is a mixture of 1950s council houses and former council houses and larger victorian properties. The mix is about 50\50. We are aproximately 3 miles from the city centre.